Standing Ovations "Sweet N Sassy"
Michigan's Dew Gooder
Standing Ovations "CAPTIVATOR"
I'm A Boogerman Good Golly
Alliance Zodiacs "Big Shot"
Darmond Boogermans Top Brass
Standing Ovations "In Woodys Image"
Standing Ovations Sealed With A Kiss
LJR Lil Spooks Kewpie Doll
Finchwoods Ballymore on the Rocks
SOM Double Trouble
Ravenwood Remember This
Mulligans Run
Streaks Diablo Ablaze
SMHC's Freedoms Candy
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RHA Unique Tornado
Standing Ovations "Here Comes Trouble"
Stars Good Golly
Kakos Spots On Top
Sunny Side South Of Buckskin
Comferts One Night Stand